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Miro Moreira
Miro Moreira (free)
Andre Ziehe
Andre Ziehe (free)
Fernando Fernandes
Fernando Fernandes (free)
Ricardo Figueiredo
Ricardo Figueiredo (free)
Jesus Luz
Jesus Luz (free)
Rodiney Santiago
Rodiney Santiago (free)
Caio Cesar
Caio Cesar (free)
Harry Louis
Harry Louis (free)
André Bona
André Bona (free)
Evandro Soldati
Evandro Soldati (free)
Edilson Nascimento
Edilson Nascimento (free)
Lucas Gil
Lucas Gil (free)
Rafael Verga
Rafael Verga (free)
Arthur Sales
Arthur Sales (free)
Thiago Santos
Thiago Santos (free)
Pablo Morais
Pablo Morais (free)
Francisco Lachowski
Francisco Lachowski (free)
Marlon Teixeira
Marlon Teixeira (free)
Mateus Verdelho
Mateus Verdelho (free)
Alexandre Cunha
Alexandre Cunha (free)